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Let the Sky Fall

Let the Sky Fall - Shannon Messenger It was pretty painless to read, except for all the epic sighing on both sides. And the fact that Vane only works with Audra because he likes what he sees, not who she is. And all the corny dialogue at the end. And the fact that Audra, who's had ten years of training in which she apparently learned nothing, needs rescuing. And the fact that Southerlies are all warm and pleasant- erm, stereotype anyone? Besides, if you go down South far enough you'll hit Antarctica...

I mean, Messenger did get a few things right- the fact that Vane and Audra are epic ethereal creatures was cool, and Audra being a very independent and (seemingly) awesome (well, at the beginning) character shows potential. I also liked how Arella used the same trick on Audra that Audra used on Vane. *lol*

There's probably a lot more I could say. But basically, here's what happens:

A super annoying and whiny teenager who is also immature and traumatized from amnesia when he was seven finds out a super hot wind spirit girl with problems of her own in equally epic proportions has been stalking him (and guess what? He's a wind spirit too!) and ruining his dates. She convinces him to train to fight an evil wind spirit who's taking over the world, hates humans, and destroys cities with natural disasters etc. He agrees because he thinks she's hot and she's already ruined all his dates anyways. The only reason why they have like half a week to train is because Audra here is a complete idiot who gave away their location. *lulz* She finds out that the dude, Vane, is incredibly strong and they fall in love. All her years of stalking him and his dreams finally pays off. Her mother is a manipulative and selfish wind spirit who tricks them and in the end Vane rescues Audra and they find the truth about what happened ten years ago. Whoo.

The thing is, I got the impression that this would be just another boring-YA-pretty-cover-type book. I hoped it wouldn't be. But it was. Like, better than Halo but you can't put it on the same shelf as Leviathan. Or the same bookcase as The Ranger's Apprentice. Spotty and so not living up to its potential world-building, unlikable characters, and trite scenes. Oh, did I mention the utterly predictable plots? Well, I'm not staying around for the sequel.