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The Enchantress (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel)

The Enchantress - Michael Scott Meh. I mean, time travel really messes everything up...

If Josh becomes Marethyu, then does that mean that you can be in the same Shadowrealm in the same stream of time (or whatever it's called) as yourself? Because if so, then... well... all the Flamels would have to do is go into a different Shadowrealm and then come back and help their other selves and all their problems would be solved. Or maybe only Marethyu can go see himself. Which would make more sense.

But since Josh is now Marethyu, does this mean he can leap back into time to San Francisco and go save Prometheus and Black Hawk and all the others who die (more or less) uselessly? Why doesn't he? Why doesn't he go save Aoife from being trapped in the first place? Are his powers limited?

If you really think about it, Marethyu played a big part in the whole ending scene(s). He saved Dee from dying and brought him to Danu Talis, and in turn Dee assisted Virginia to save all the people. If Marethyu hadn't been there to save Dee, Virginia wouldn't have been able to save the people. If Virginia hadn't saved the people, Josh and Sophie, or at least one of them, might have stopped to help on their way up the pyramid (I mean, you're Gold and Silver and you're immensely powerful and you let all these people die...). And if they had stopped, the Earthlords would have taken control of the top of the pyramid and prevented Josh from doing that vaguely described thing with the swords and becoming Marethyu. If Josh didn't become Marethyu, he wouldn't have been able to help himself in the first place. So... it's all a paradox?

Also... it seems that a lot of characters in this book have a strange penchant for getting something and thinking they were going to change it but ending up liking it in the first place and never changing it. i.e. Marethyu's hook, Machiavelli's aura smell of serpent, etc...

And really? Earthlords? Lame... I mean, they were just big snakes the whole time...

By the way, who's the enchantress? Is that Sophie? :

Another question: why didn't Tsagaglalal hurry up (she changed into a young woman, therefore she now has muscle again and can run, right?) and save Niten and Prometheus? She was already on the bridge...

My favorite part was learning more about Virginia Dare. Yeah.